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Auguste Dessert

Auguste Dessert -                                                                                                                 Peonies species| PIONI | პიონი

Auguste Dessert

Auguste Dessert[Dessert, 1920]. Herbaceous, Red, Double Blooms. It blooms Midseason. Described in the 1928 APS list as big, round petals symmetrically graduated toward a loose center which shows a few stamens; silvery border; fragrance not notable. Plant of moderate height and seems fairly prolific. Professor Saunders indicated that it is a very unusual shade of light red, a very solid color but not without some blue in it. Thurlow said that Auguste Dessert's real petal color is violet-rose but the total effect lilac-rose. Fragrance unpleasant. Habit strong; tall stems. Fair as a cut flower but much better in the garden as its bold color makes an accent.

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