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America -                                                                                                                 Peonies species| PIONI | პიონი


America[Rudolph/R. Klehm, 1976]. Herbaceous, Red, Single Blooms. It is an Early Midseason bloomer. Brilliant scarlet flowers with golden stamen tuft and mild fragrance. This description was submitted by Robert Johnson: A VERY upright and tallish single red hybrid which has won the APS Gold Medal. Flowers are set close to the top of the plant on thick stems and are abundant and closely spaced to each other. This cv often blooms the first year after planting, and grows quicker than most peonies into a large plant. It seems to retain its upright habit with age. A highly recomended red hybrid single in the class of peonies considered as good garden varieties. America was awarded the APS Gold Medal Award for 1992 .

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