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Iceberg Climbing

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Iceberg Climbing

A climbing sport of one of the world’s best known roses. Climbing sports of Floribundas are generally few and far between and not very successful - this is the exception that proves the rule. It has the same extremely reliable characteristics as the bush, being very floriferous throughout the flowering season and growing vigorously. The double flowers are pure white, although they are sometimes tinged with pink later in the season. There is a mild honey fragrance. The stems are not too stiff and can easily be trained over an arch or pergola. A very good Climbing Rose. Quick growing. 12ft.

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses

Color White

Flower Type Semi-double

Size Medium Climber

Size Medium Climber

Fragrance Mild honey Light

Repeating Good

Special Characteristics A very reliable climber. Excellent repeat flowering.

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