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The Pilgrim Climbing

The Pilgrim Climbing - Rose Varieties | VARDI | ვარდი

The Pilgrim Climbing

This is one of the most beautiful English Climbing Roses, producing nicely-shaped medium-large flowers. Each bud opens to reveal many petals, which form a shallowly-cupped rosette, eventually opening out quite flat. The colour is a very attractive, soft but pure shade of yellow, the petals paling slightly towards the edges. The flowers are produced freely, repeating well. The Pilgrim has a fine fragrance which is a perfect balance of tea and myrrh. The plentiful green foliage compliments the flowers perfectly. Up to 8 ft. The Pilgrim may be grown as an excellent shrub which will remain quite short, sending up just the occasional long shoot. These should be cut back to help retain a nicely-proportioned shrub shape.

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses

Color Pure Yellow

Flower Type Double/Full Bloom

Size Short Climber

Hardiness Hardy

Fragrance Tea and Myrrh Medium

Repeating Good

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