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Francine Austin

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Francine Austin

This is a spray-flowered English Rose; the result of crossing an old Noisette Rose with an English Rose. It holds its small, pure white, pompon-like flowers on wiry stems in airy sprays, providing a magnificent effect throughout the flowering season. It has pale green leaves with long, narrow, widely-spaced leaflets. If only lightly pruned, it will form a large shrub. Planted close to a wall, it can be encouraged to make a very good short climber. Sweetly scented with a mixture of Old Rose and Musk. 3 ft. x 4 ft.

Category English Roses

Color White

Flower Type Double/Full Bloom

Size Medium Shrub Short Climber

Hardiness Hardy

Repeating Good

Special Characteristics Repeat flowering. Small rosette flowers

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