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Hyde Hall, Hedging

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Hyde Hall, Hedging

Hyde Hall is a particularly tough, reliable and healthy rose which can be used to create a very attractive and floriferous boundary hedge. As a response to requests from our customers, we have introduced a special grade of Hyde Hall, which is specifically designed for use as hedging. Plant 18" to 3 feet apart. Hyde Hall is unusual in that it is a very large shrub, which also has the ability to flower with exceptional continuity from late spring into autumn. This makes it an ideal choice for the rose-lover who wants to create a beautiful, prickly barrier. In ideal conditions and given good feeding and watering, it can achieve some 7 to 8 ft in height, although it can be pruned back to create a more compact hedge if required. It is exceptionally disease-resistant. The medium pink rosette-shaped blooms are produced in sprays. Although the fragrance is relatively light, it is delightfully warm and fruity. Hyde Hall's foliage is fine and pointed, rather similar to that of Rosa canina. Please note this grade of Hyde Hall is not recommended for use in borders.

Category English Roses

Flower Type Double/Full Bloom

Hardiness Very hardy

Fragrance Light

Repeating Excellent

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