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Advance+ - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Advance+
This extra large buff-white has a well rounded formed bud, which opens slowly becoming whiter as the petals unfurl. Due to its size, durability, colour and holding ability this variety is extremely versatile.
Amuse - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Amuse
This variety has very tall buds of a noval greenish cream colour with just a hint of smudged pink on the margin that as it slowly opens reveals a soft pink heart.
Antarctic - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Antarctic
This variety has large, firm, vivid white buds that when it fully opens presents a full, well-formed pure white bloom.
Bounty - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Bounty
This white variety shows promise of being a leading white rose, from its firm upright mid green foliage to its solid well shaped white flowers. It has a crisp, clean pure white bloom that begin as a creamy white tear drop shaped bud with a slight green outer petal or two. It has many petals which, with its wonderful shape makes it ideal for bridal bouquets and button holes. This rose has excellent holding ability.
Chantilly - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Chantilly
A medium size high pointed bud of deep champagne cream in colour that opens without fading into a classic shaped bloom. This rose continues to be a popular and reliable wedding rose.
Claire Austin - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Claire Austin
There is something a little special about white roses – they are all purity and light – and yet really good white roses are rare among English Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses alike. This is because white roses are very difficult to breed. ‘Claire Austin’ bears pleasingly cupped buds of a pale lemon shade which gradually open to form large, creamy-white flowers of typical English Musk delicacy; their petals perfectly arranged in concentric circles, with a few more loosely arranged in the centre. They have a strong fragrance based on myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope. It forms an elegant, arching shrub with plentiful, medium green foliage. Strong and particularly healthy. Undoubtedly our finest white rose to date. Claire Austin is David Austin’s daughter. She has a nursery which specialises in hardy plants, including the UK's finest collection of irises, peonies and day lilies.
Creme Brulee - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Creme Brulee
This beautifully shaped large and elegant bloom of pale buff cream with slight pink tinge in the centre, is complimented with a light fragrance, and very lush dark green glossy foliage.
Creme de Grande - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Creme de Grande
This variety is a beautiful mutation of the popular Parfume de Grande. An exquisite cream rose that maintains the strong fragrance and classic look. We expect Crème de Grande to be popular in its own right or in combination with Parfume de Grande.
Crocus Rose - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Crocus Rose
This is a very robust and free flowering rose, bearing large, rosette-shaped flowers that are cupped at first; the petals later reflexing. The colour is soft apricot, paling to cream on the outer petals. The flowers are produced very freely, in large clusters elegantly poised on the end of slightly arching stems. They have a delightful Tea Rose fragrance.
Emanuelle - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Emanuelle
This large firm bud is of champagne cream in colour, which opens into a bloom that is cream with a slight hint of beige.
Glamis Castle - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Glamis Castle
Pure white, cup-shaped flowers of typical Old Rose character. Its growth is quite short and bushy with numerous twiggy branches, upon which it bears flowers with quite exceptional freedom and continuity - making it ideal both as a border rose and for bedding. It has an English Rose, myrrh fragrance. Glamis Castle is the childhood home of The Queen Mother and the legendary setting of Shakespeare¹s play 'Macbeth'.
Honey Moon - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Honey Moon
This exotic rose variety with a tall, well presented bud, displays a myriad of colour tones which include light brown, cream, pale yellow and a pink tint. These colours alter as it opens into a unique latte coloured bloom releasing a noticeable spicy fragrance. This rose has become in a very short time a wedding favourite for brides who are looking for this unique colour combination and good holding ability, making this a truly remarkable variety.
Hypnose - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Hypnose
This variety is destined to be a floral design favourite with its unique mocca colour of firm buds that open into an alluring well formed bloom. We expect Hypnose to be popular in its own right or in combination with Dark Hypnose.
Icebreaker - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Icebreaker
This variety has high pointed vivid white buds that are devoid of the outer green petals common in other white varieties, which make this an ideal bloom for button holes and wedding bouquets as it slowly opens into well formed symmetrical blooms.
Island Sands - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Island Sands
A large firm cream bud with hues of green and a hint of the earthy tones of beige, lemon and apricot that develop as the bloom slowly opens, into colours that resemble the sand on island shores.
Keepsake - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Keepsake
This variety has strong stems with large leaves and a firm warm cream bud that slowly opens into a clean cream colour.
Kew Gardens - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Kew Gardens
This is not truly an English Rose but we include it here for convenience as it has connections with our Musk Hybrids. The flowers, which are small and single, are held in very large heads rather like a hydrangea and produced almost continuously from early summer through to the end of the season. The young buds are soft apricot opening to pure white, with a hint of soft lemon behind the stamens. The flowers are followed by small red hips which should be removed to encourage repeat flowering. It is extremely healthy and completely thornless – an unusual thing among roses. It has a bushy but rather upright habit of growth, making it ideal for the back of a mixed border. A group of two or three or more bushes will provide a mass of white as though they were covered with snow. This rose is particularly suitable for forming a magnificent impenetrable flowering hedge. We are naming this rose in celebration of the 250th anniversary of Kew Gardens. We are replanting the rose garden behind the famous Palm House, returning it to the layout of 1848 and filling it with a wonderful mixture of English Roses, Old Roses and other shrub roses.
Lichfield Angel - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Lichfield Angel
The flowers of this rose commence as charming peachy pink cups, gradually opening to form neatly cupped rosettes. Each bloom has a perfect ring of creamy-apricot waxy petals enclosing numerous smaller petals. Eventually the petals turn back to form a large, domed, creamy-white flower. The overall effect in the mass in sunshine is almost pure white. Lichfield Angel will form a vigorous, rounded shrub which, with its blooms nodding attractively on the branch, will make a fine sight. It is very useful in a border, as it harmonises well with all other colours and will act as an intermediary between pinks and yellows. The fragrance is generally light but has strong elements of clove at one stage. Lichfield Angel is a limestone sculptured panel, from the 8th century, which was recently discovered in Lichfield Cathedral. It depicts the Archangel Gabriel and still bears the remnants of Saxon paint. Our Nursery is in the Lichfield Diocese.
Magadi - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Magadi
A large ivory coloured rose with a high pointed and shapely bud, when open the bloom colour remains unchanged.
Magadi - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Magadi
A large ivory coloured rose with a high pointed and shapely bud, when open the bloom colour remains unchanged.
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