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About Face - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                About Face
A brand new variety with large flowers of rather unusual colouring. It is different in that the underside of the petal is darker than the upper side - a dark bronzy orange as opposed to a golden yellow. A vigorous variety with very healthy, rich green leaves. Light fragrance. 4 ft.
Abraham Darby - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Abraham Darby
A well-formed shrub of shapely, bushy growth. In early summer it is studded with large, deeply cupped blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow, and in spite of their size, these continue to be produced for the remainder of the season. An excellent vigorous shrub. A rich, fruity fragrance with a refreshing sharpness. It repeats well but summer pruning will encourage a better crop of flowers and help maintain a more compact plant. 5 ft. x 5 ft. (shrub); 8 ft. (climber)
Ambridge Rose - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Ambridge Rose
Medium sized flowers that are nicely cupped at first, opening to form a loose rosette formation; their colour being pure apricot, later paling towards the edges. It flowers freely and continuously on neat, busy growth, Suitable for the border and for bedding. A fine English Rose myrrh fragrance. 3 ft. x 2 ft.
Apricot Delicious - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Apricot Delicious
This is an exciting mutation from the very popular Golden Delicious. This variety has the greenish guard petals with the striking flashes of cerise of its parent and as the gargantuan bloom opens it reveals its warmth as the apricot colour intensifies on opening.
Areeba - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Areeba
This rose has a large high centred bud of intense orange with an ever so slight mid pink hue, as it opens to reveal its good colour retention and form.
Carding Mill - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Carding Mill
A flower of beautifully mixed shades of pink, apricot and yellow, overall, giving the impression of rich apricot. At the bud stage, when the petals are just starting to unfurl, the inside of the petals are a very rich, deep apricot as opposed to the paler, soft yellow undersides. When fully open the center of the flower is well filled with petals, their closeness giving the impression of a rich, apricot - pink. Around the center, the loose ring of petals curl in slightly and so show their pale apricot yellow undersides. It will quickly make a lovely, bushy, rounded shrub with quite straight stems, the many flowers nodding just slightly. There is a strong and beautiful myrrh fragrance. Carding Mill is an extremely beautiful valley in the Long Mynd just to the west of our nursery in Shropshire. (David Austin 2004) 4 x 3 1/2ft.
Carpe Diem - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Carpe Diem
A warm blend of myriad pink to apricot colours erupts as the large firm bud of this variety slowly develops into dancing swirls of colour and as the petals unfurl into a classical shaped bloom with a gentle sweet fragrance.
Christopher Marlowe - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Christopher Marlowe
This rose is of a colour not usually associated with English Roses: an intense orange-red, paling a little to salmon-pink on the outer petals as the flower ages. We need all colours if we are to fulfil all the requirements of the garden. Christopher Marlowe should be useful whenever a bright splash of red is required. The flowers are rosette-shaped; the outer petals reflexing a little. The growth is short but very vigorous, with numerous stems arising from the base and later branching to give a continuous flow of flowers. The result is a free-flowering, nicely rounded shrub. There is a pleasing Tea fragrance, with a hint of lemon. Very healthy. Christopher Marlowe is a well known playwright and contemporary of William Shakespeare. He pressed a rose bud in a book as a mark of friendship to a friend with whom he had had an argument. 2.5 ft. x 3 ft.
Compassion - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Compassion
This popular variety is noted for its reliability in most parts of the rose-growing world. The well shaped Hybrid Tea flowers have a sweet fragrance; their color being salmon-pink tinted with apricot-orange. The growth is stiff and bushy; ideal for a wall or pillar. The canes constantly renew themselves from the base, giving a good, full appearance. It is particularly healthy. 10 ft.
Crocus Rose (syn. Emanuel) Hedging - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Crocus Rose (syn. Emanuel) Hedging
This is a very robust and free flowering rose, bearing large, rosette-shaped flowers that are cupped at first; the petals later reflexing. The colour is soft apricot, paling to cream on the outer petals. The flowers are produced very freely, in large clusters elegantly poised on the end of slightly arching stems. They have a delightful Tea Rose fragrance. Named for 'The Crocus Trust', which has been set up to help sufferers affected by colorectal cancer.
Crown Princess Margareta - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Crown Princess Margareta
A tall, slightly arching shrub which is ideal for the back of the border. The flowers are quite large, neatly-formed rosettes of a lovely apricot-orange. It is one of the Leander group and we think it should thrive even under more rigorous conditions. It is likely to be vigorous in warmer areas and so would benefit from some summer pruning to maintain its shape and encourage quicker repeat flowering. Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and was an accomplished landscape gardener who, together with the Crown Prince (later, King Gustavus VI Adolfus of Sweden), created the famous Swedish Summer Palace of Sofiero in Helsingborg. 5ft. x 4.5ft to 9-11 ft. as a climber.
Cumbia - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Cumbia
This large rich coppery apricot rose variety has a high centred bud that slowly opens into a warm buttery golden bloom with an exotic spicy fragrance.
Evelyn - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Evelyn
Evelyn bears giant, apricot colored flowers of a shallow, saucer-like shape, with numerous small petals inter-twined within. This is not the most vigorous of English Roses, but the individual flower is absolutely magnificent. Its great glory is its wonderful fragrance, which is similar in style to an Old Rose, but with a sumptuous fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricot. Named on behalf of Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes. 4 ft. x 3 ft. (6 ft. as climber)
Fandango - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Fandango
A medium to large size with an intriguing orange blend that begins with a firm apricot orange bud that opens with pink contrasts, this rose is further enhanced by firm stems and large dark glossy foliage.
French Lace - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                French Lace
Color Apricot, Peach, Orange, Copper
Grace - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Grace
An excellent variety with flowers of a lovely pure apricot - darker in the middle, paler towards the edges; a colour that blends well with other shades; especially dark reds and purples. The blooms are shallowly cupped at first, slowly opening to form a perfect rosette with the outer petals reflexed. It forms a good, branching shrub that is healthy and repeat flowers well. In every way, an excellent garden plant. Delicious, warm and sensuous fragrance. 4 ft. x 4 ft.
Impact - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Impact
The very striking contrast of a dark orange outer petal with a rich gold inner petal certainly catches the eye with impact, followed up by the tough petals, the deep green foliage and the attractive shapely flower, this variety will not be without its admirers.
Infusion - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Infusion
A thornless, sweetly scented novel bi-colour with a contrast of amber with a strong orange margin that gently seeps deep into the yellowish amber petal that opens into a well formed bloom in a cocktail of orange and amber with pink and cream hues.
Just Joey - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Just Joey
Elegant buds of coppery-orange veined with red. The opening petals are attractively waved and the flowers remain pleasing to the end. Free and continuous flowering. Rather sprawling growth. A good cut flower. Fragrant. 3 ft. It has a good fragrance.
Lady Emma Hamilton - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Lady Emma Hamilton
A variety of rather unusual colouring for an English Rose, but nonetheless very pleasing and useful for creating a little excitement in the border. Before the flowers even begin to open, the outside of the buds are a most wonderful dark red with dashes of orange. When fully open the flowers are a lovely mixture of rich, almost tangerine orange on the inside of the petals and a more yellow orange on the outside; the whole set off against the very dark, bronzy green leaves that only slowly become dark green with age. It is a fairly upright but bushy shrub of medium height, that will flower freely and remain healthy. The flowers have a strong, delicious, fruity fragrance with hints of pear, grape and citrus fruits. Lady Emma Hamilton was Horatio Nelson's lover and we have named this rose to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. 4 ft x 3 ft.
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