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Gatekeeper - Butterfly species | PEPLIS JISHEBI | პეპლის ჯიშები


Special features: Sometimes called the 'hedge brown'. The gatekeeper has orange wings with a thick brown border. In the corner of the forewings is a black dot with two white dots inside it. On the hindwings is a smaller black dot with one white dot inside it.

The undersides of the wings look very similar to those of the Meadow Brown except the hindwings of the gatekeeper have a row of white dots.

Latin name: Pyronia tithonus

Size: Wingspan approximately 40mm

Distribution: Found throughout England and Wales. Gradually spreading into Scotland.

Months seen: July to September.

Habitat: Hedgerows, roadsides and bramble thickets.

Food: Nectar. The caterpilars (grey/brown with white stripes) feed on meadow grasses.

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