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Black Hairstreak

Black Hairstreak - Butterfly species | PEPLIS JISHEBI | პეპლის ჯიშები

Black Hairstreak

Special features: The uppersides of the wings are mostly brown. The male black hairstreak has some orange spots on the back edge of the hind wings. There is also a bluish scent patch on the forewings. The female black hairstreak has some additional orange spots on the forewings.

The black hairstreak is similar to the white-letter hairstreak except the undersides of the wings have a row of black dots fringing the outside edges (see photo above).

Latin name: Strymonidia pruni

Size: Wingspan approximately 32mm.

Distribution: Found in the Midlands of England in a line running roughly between Oxford and the Wash.

Months seen: June and July.

Habitat: Hedgerows, woodland edges and rides.

Food: Caterpillars feed on blackthorn.

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