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Raft Spider

Raft Spider - Spider species | OBOBAS JISHEBI | ობობას ჯიშები

Raft Spider

Special features: Sometimes called the Fishing Spider or Fen Spider. The Raft Spider sits at the edge of pools with its front legs resting on the surface of the water. From this position it can detect the vibrations made by any small creatures as they touch the water. Using the surface tension of the water it can run across the surface to catch its prey.

When alarmed the raft spider can dive under the surface of the water and remain submerged for several minutes.

Scientific name: Dolomedes fimbriatus

Size: 9mm to 20mm

Distribution: Found throughout the U.K., but locally distributed

Months seen: May to August

Food: Tadpoles, insects and small fish

Habitat: Marshes, swamps and ponds

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