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Flower Spider ( Zygometis lactea )

Flower Spider ( Zygometis lactea ) - Spider species | OBOBAS JISHEBI | ობობას ჯიშები

Flower Spider ( Zygometis lactea )

This spider is creamy white in colour with brownish red markings on each side of the head (the cephalothorax), and on the front part of the abdomen. The male has dark bands on the legs.

female 6.5 mm, male: 3 mm

On flowers and green leaves. It is well camouflaged for hunting amongst white flowers.

insects that it ambushes

too small to harm people

ClassificationClass: Arachnida
Order: Araneomorphae
Family: Thomisidae
Genus: Zygometis
Species: lactea

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