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Dome Web Spider

Dome Web Spider - Spider species | OBOBAS JISHEBI | ობობას ჯიშები

Dome Web Spider

The Dome Web Spider builds a dome shaped web that looks like a large inverted saucer with tangle of web above and below. The spider sits above the dome. The dome may be 50 cm in diameter. The body of the spider is black and white with rusty red stripes down the back. The head is grey and the legs are grey with black bands.


Spiders build their webs between the branches of low trees and shrubs

insects caught in the tangled web

Bites from this spider may be painful because the fangs are long, but has no harmful symptoms. The spiders are not aggressive.

ClassificationClass: Arachnida
Order: Araneomorphae
Family: Araneidae
Genus: Cyrtophora
Species: moluccensis

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