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Morgan Information

Morgan - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Morgan 1 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Morgan 2 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Morgan Qualities

The Morgan horse is used for harness work, in competitions, and for riding purposes alike. They are very strong and referred to as rather powerful horse. This breed can be found in Boston, New York, Randolph, West Springfield, and other areas of Massachusetts, Vermont, and along the Atlantic Ocean. Today, this horse is said to be bred mostly in the southern areas of the United States. They have also been noted to contribute to the Saddlebred and the Standardbred variations.

Morgan Temperament

The temperament of the Morgan horse breed is that of kindness and a willingness to please. They have a tractable sense and can easily learn new skills. Morgans are well rounded and can adapt easily to any situation.

Morgan Appearance

The Morgan horse stands at around fourteen hands when fully grown, which is considered an average size horse. They are bred in various colors of coats, but typically found in black, browns, bay, and chestnut shades. Boding a common convex profile, they are also very unique in some other ways. They have an interesting stance about them that pushes their hind legs back which is said to be used for keeping their balance and not allowing any of their passengers to fall off when riding.

Morgan Upkeep

When caring for your Morgan, the type of purpose you intend for them may change the way you raise them and the amount of training needed. They are alert and ready to work for the day with ease. The Morgan is a very powerful animal with loads of intelligence and are also eager to be loved and learn from their owners.

Morgan History

The Morgan horse breed originates from the United States. Specifically, they were bred in the state of Vermont. Many centuries ago, horses, much like most animals, were given their names as a result of who their owners were. For example, this horse was named after Justin Morgan, somewhere in the Northeastern section of Vermont. At that time this breed was developed by a cross with Thoroughbred and Welsh Cob blood lines. The big difference between the Morgan and those blood lines is that they are smaller in size, but very strong and tough. They are quick and noted for their extreme endurance. Once the New World began its expansion, this particular type of horse began increasing in popularity very rapidly. They utilized them during the Gold Rush and the Civil War alike. There was but one survivor of this era of Morgan horses; a stallion named Comanche. There was a time when only three Morgan horses were left roaming about the lands, and it was from these three that the breed was able to carry on.

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