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Caspian Information

Caspian - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Caspian 1 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Caspian 2 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Caspian 3 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Caspian Qualities

Qualities that the Caspian breed of horses bode are that they are extremely agile creatures and that they also have an immense amount of strength. Their fleetness of foot and ability to perform well in horses shows around the world make them one of the most well known breeds. They also have a one-of-a-kind vaulted head as a result of the bones forming inside the forehead in an unusual manner. They also possess an extra molar set inside the lower jaw. Found residing in Northern Iran, these creatures are very small compared to most grown horses, but are not to be confused with ponies.

Caspian Temperament

More horses than not are very sweet and affectionate creatures. The Caspian breed does not have any exceptions as they too are very adaptable animals. Biddable and easy to use as riding horses for beginners, they are useful on farms and for those seeking a new addition to their family.

Caspian Appearance

These animals stand at about twelve hands in measurement and are bred in chestnut, black, gray, and bay coats. Their heads bode a tapered muzzle, concave face, and a very unique vaulted forehead. A long neck and sloping shoulders aid the Caspian horse in traveling with ease. Long legs and oval shaped feet that are harder than most other horse breeds add to this horse's durability. Quarters full of muscles make it easy to see why these animals have been used for carrying and transporting so many heavy goods, as well as people.

Caspian Upkeep

Considering the Caspian horse is a very unique breed, they do have some additional needs. For example, it is highly recommended that all new owners of one of these animals seek an expert for a full exam prior to starting any nutritional regimen or daily activity program. Next, ensure that you have received a registration certificate for your new horse. You do not want to incur expenses for an unhealthy horse, especially one as rare as this breed.

Caspian History

Sometime back in the 1960's, a man named Louise Firouz, an American traveler, discovered the small breed of horses. They are famous creatures that are similar to an Arab breed in size. Researchers have reason to believe that this particular horse may be the oldest living breed aside from the Przewalski's breed. There are endless artifacts dating back to the time of Darius the Great, even ones including photos that suggest he may have been traveling with the Caspian breed. They are found all around the Caspian Sea, in Iran, Tehran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Amol. These breeds are so easily recognized in the artifacts left behind due to their head that many experts can easily spot them and detect that they are in fact, Caspian ones.

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