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Mammoth Jack Stock

Mammoth Jack Stock - donkeys breeds | viris jishebi | ვირის ჯიშები

Mammoth Jack Stock

I'm lying down in the hay with my girl Sam, resting my head on hers. We snuggle like this often. Is this natural horsemanship? Nope. Sam is not a horse. What doesn't show in this photo is her 34 inches of ears, measured from the tip of one ear down across her head up to the tip of the other ear. Sam is an American Mammoth

Two year old American Mammoth Jackstock jennet, properly called a mammoth ass, not a donkey. Jackstock were bred by George Washington for the purpose of mule production for farm work in early America.

My jennet cuddles with me because she wants to, not because of any combination of training and instinct. At the time of this photo she had been snuggling, dozing, and dreaming for 40 minutes with me next to her.

Attention all horse crazy little girls, you might be happier with a miniature, standard, or mammoth donkey rather than that horse with the hair

My baby American Mammoth Jackstock jennet. She's 15 months and 14.2 hands (58 inches at the shoulder). She is affectionate and playful, intelligent and empathetic. My dearest companion.

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