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Special features: This is a recent arrival in the UK. Harmonia axyridis, which is variously called the Harlequin ladybird or the Multi-coloured ladybug, or the Asian ladybird, is a threat to many of our native insects, including butterflies, lacewings and many other ladybirds.

It was introduced from Asia into North America for biocontrol of aphids, and has since spread across the States, becoming the commonest ladybird in less than 25 years. Canada is now seeing a similar spotted invasion. In the last decade its catastrophic increase in numbers has threatened endemic North American ladybirds and other aphid predators.

Latin name: Harmonia axyridis

Size: Approximately 6-8 mms.

Distribution: Found in some parts of the U.K.

Months seen: April to October

Food: Insects

Habitat: Parks, gardens and anywhere food can be found. Hibernates in houses.

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