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Anna Marie

Anna Marie -                                                                                                                 Peonies species| PIONI | პიონი

Anna Marie

Anna Marie[Seidl, 1984]. Tree, Pink, Single Blooms. It blooms Late. / Anna Marie is a very easy to grow Lutea hybrid. Flowers are a clear lavender-pink with dark basal flares and are single in form. It has no pollen, but will produce seed with some effort. Foliage is an outstanding deep blue-green coloration and cover all stems from view, as they hang down slightly. Plant form is very rounded and is quite desireable out of bloom. Plants grow quickly and are the easiest to graft of any of the tree peonies we have worked with. Stems and buds are extremely winter hardy and seldom experience die back, they are, however suseptible to wind damage. It will produce a large plant in 4 to 5 years. If wind does no break limbs off it has attained heights of 5 feet in Wisconsin. Anna Marie also produces many basal shoots that root after a couple of years and can subsequently be divided from the greater clump with ease.

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