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Paul's Himalayan Musk

Paul's Himalayan Musk - Rose Varieties | VARDI | ვარდი

Paul's Himalayan Musk

One of the best and most beautiful of the ramblers with long, trailing growth reaching up to 30ft. It bears dainty, sprays of pretty little blush-pink rosettes, each held on a thin stem. Once flowering, but produces blooms in abundance, making a magnificent display. This rose is ideal for growing into a tree, for pergolas, or for covering buildings. Despite its vigour, Paul's Himalayan Musk has a grace which endears it to gardeners. There is a wonderful, haunting fragrance.

Color Blush-pink

Flower Type Double/Full Bloom

Size Tall Rambler

Hardiness Hardy

Fragrance Delicious, musky Medium

Repeating None

Special Characteristics A particularly beautiful and vigorous rambler

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