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Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper - Bird Species | Frinvelis jishebi | ფრინველის ჯიშები

Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper: Small, tree-clinging bird with brown-streaked upperparts and white underparts. White line over eye and long, decurved bill are conspicuous. Legs and feet are pink-buff. Feeds on insects, larvae, nuts and seeds. Strong direct flights of short duration on rapid and shallow wing beats.

Range and Habitat
Brown Creeper: Breeds from Alaska to Newfoundland and southward to the western and northern U.S. Spends winters in breeding range and south to the Gulf coast and Florida. Preferred habitats include deciduous and mixed woodlands.

The Brown Creeper has a large range, estimated globally at 6,500,000 square kilometers. It is native to North America, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. This bird prefers temperate, tropical, or subtropical climates and has an estimated global population of 5,400,000 individuals. Currently, the population is not believed to be experiencing a decline that would necessitate inclusion on the IUCN Red List. Because of these population statistics, the current evaluation level of the Brown Creeper is Least Concern.

Brown Creepers will freeze when threatened, often with outspread wings, and remain motionless for several minutes. At these times, their brown plumage is such an effective camouflage they can be nearly invisible. In some areas their nests often have two openings, one that serves as an entrance and the other as an exit. They start at the bottom of a tree, spiral upward pecking insects as it ascends, then hops down to the base of the next tree and begins again. A group of creepers are collectively known as a "sleeze" and a "spiral" of creepers.

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